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Student of the Month Winners
September 2016
The first SoM of the 16-17 school year saw Dahlia, her brother Anderson and TJ going to lunch with the Chief.
Sponsored by Chair of the Board of Selectmen Tom Marshall and his wife Linda.   
October 2016
Oct SoMed.jpg
Callum, Johnny and Lauren with Chief Murdough
Sponsors- Generous anonymous donor.
November 2015  
Men's day at Hillsboro House of Pizza with Chiefy, Jakeb, Terri and Joel
Sponsors- Selectman & Mrs. Bob & Lisa Williams
December 2015
Madison (the first student ever to earn SoM honors twice in the same grade!), Caylee and Megan before heading to Ming Du. Sponsored by one of our State Reps. Steve & his wife Adelle Smith
January, 2016
Hannah, Lauren & Kendra.  Sponsored by one of our long time supporters- The Fletcher Family Farm, Ed & Jane Thayer.

February  2016
Miss Liberty II Tyler, Kortney & Eli before a Ming Du lunched sponsored by Lemontree Pastries.
March 2016
Eva, Korey & Sidney with Chiefy at his last SoM Lunch before retiring at the end of the month.  
Sponsored by June Manning
April 2016
Chief Murdough had his first SoM lunch with Shane, Andy and Travis (not available for the picture)
Sponsored by Mike & Jean Kluk
May 2016
The final lunch of the the school when Chief had lunch with Camden and Caylee.
Sponsored by Gary & Peggy Carney