The Town voted to eliminate its elected Board of Assessors at the 2015 Town Meeting. The assessing duties are now handled by a Contract Assessor and an Assessing Clerk with the Selectboard acting as the assessing authority.

Our Contract Assessor, David Marazoff of M&N Assessing, is a certified New Hampshire Assessor who is also certified by the State Department of Revenue as an Assessing Supervisor. His role is to ensure assessments in Washington are equitable and that the Town is compliant with NH State RSA laws. Dave reports to the Board of Selectmen and he provides the information needed for the Board to make informed decisions regarding property assessments in Washington.

The assessing department is available to assist taxpayers with questions relating to any assessing items. They will focus on visiting 1/5th of town properties plus all new construction to verify data listed on property card, processing intent to cut reports, woodcut, current use, tax warrants, land use change taxes, and exemption applications among other items.

Board Members

Name Title
Kristine Chidester Assessing Clerk
Dave Marazoff Assessor