Planning Board

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Adopting and maintaining the Master Plan
  • Adopting and maintaining Subdivision Regulations
  • Approval of property Subdivisions, including Annexations and Mergers
  • Adopting and maintaining Site Plan Review Regulations
  • Approval of Site Plans (for commercial and multi-dwelling uses)
  • Authoring amendments to the Land Use Ordinance (which are then adopted by a vote of the Town)
  • Approval of Driveway Permits on Town roads, once endorsed by the Road Agent
  • Issue Business Permits and Sign Permits
  • Adopting and maintaining the Capital Improvement Program 

Board Members

Name Title
Andrew Hatch Chair
Jean Kluk Vice Chair
Don Revane Ex-Officio Representative
Nan Schwartz Secretary
Jim Crandall Member
Steve Terani Alternate
Noah Chidester Alternate