Planning Board

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Adopting and maintaining the Master Plan
  • Adopting and maintaining Subdivision Regulations
  • Approval of property Subdivisions, including Annexations and Mergers
  • Adopting and maintaining Site Plan Review Regulations
  • Approval of Site Plans (for commercial and multi-dwelling uses)
  • Authoring amendments to the Land Use Ordinance (which are then adopted by a vote of the Town)
  • Approval of Driveway Permits on Town roads, once endorsed by the Road Agent
  • Issue Business Permits and Sign Permits
  • Adopting and maintaining the Capital Improvement Program 

Board Members

Name Title
Andrew Hatch Chair
Nan Schwartz Secretary
Jim Crandall Member
Steve Terani Alternate member
Jean Kluk Vice Chair
Paul Kapteyn Alternate member
Noah Chidester Alternate member
Don Revane Ex-officio member