Tax Collector

Questions can be referred to the Sandy or Michael by phone or email.

There are a couple of different ways to pay your tax bill:
  • Online at the NH tax kiosk, with the credit card charge at 2.95%
  • Online at the NH tax kiosk using the ACH (this is a 45 cent charge)
You can mail a check to the tax collector at any time of the year. Weekly, monthly or quarterly, which ever is easiest for you to get the property tax bill paid.
You can call the Tax Collector's office and request copies of tax cards, maps, or your lost tax bill.
Any information that needs to be changed needs to be sent to the Board of Assessors. The Tax Collector cannot make these changes.
Washington tax bills come out twice a year: July and December. There is no early payment discount and the tax bill does start accruing interest after the due date on each tax bill.
Be sure to visit the NH Tax Kiosk and pay your tax bill online from the convenience from your own home!
Thank you!
Sandy Eccard
Washington Tax Collector

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Sandy Eccard Tax Collector
Michael Callender Deputy Tax Collector