Mission Statement

The Washington Welfare Office operates under the mandate of the State of New Hampshire RSA 165:1 which states that "Whenever a person in any town is poor and unable to support himself, he shall be relieved and maintained by the overseers of public welfare of such town, whether or not he has a residence there." In keeping with the generosity of spirit and compassion of the RSA, the Washington Welfare Office strives to serve its clients with dignity, kindness, and confidentiality, and to provide emergency assistance with the basic necessities of shelter, food, heat, and medical care. These services are supported by a budget voted on at Town Meeting.

The Welfare Office also maintains a Food Pantry that is solely supported by contributions from the community of Washington and is available to residents who need assistance providing sufficient food for their households. Donations of healthy, nonperishable food items, toiletries, and home cleaning products are all gratefully accepted by the Food Pantry for use by residents in need.

Cash contributions to the Food Pantry and Welfare Office are used to supplement other donations and are tax deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes. All such contributions are held in a dedicated account for use by the Welfare Office. Checks should be made payable to "Town of Washington T.T.F" and "Community Service Fund" designated in the Memo section.

Visitors are welcome anytime. Stop in to the little corner office, check out the Food Pantry, and feel free to ask any questions you may have about how the Welfare Offices serves the Town of Washington.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Monica Scanlan Administrator/Food Pantry Manager