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The Town of Washington operates a Transfer Station at the same location as the Public Works Garage. It is staffed by 1 full time employee. Both recyclables and solid waste are brought here and then deposited into roll off containers for transportation to a Materials Recovery Facility or marketer. The Highway Department is responsible for the transportation of all waste accepted at the facility.  Randy Fitzgerald is the full time manager and is responsible for the daily operation of the Transfer Station.

The picture shown above is the 2004 Kenworth T-800 roll off truck with trailer purchased new in 2004. This truck hauls all materials accepted at the Transfer Station. The household trash and bulky waste is trucked to Berlin, NH and deposited in a landfill. The trailer allows us to haul 2 loads at a time and has proven to be very cost effective.

List of area household hazardhous waste collection sites for current year.


March 30, 2020    Please Note:

Changes to Recycling policy:

Regarding Washington Town Ordinance # 1989-5-1 as adopted by vote of town meeting  June 1, 1989, as amended on February 15, 2001, June 14, 2005, April 30, 2009 and August 22, 2019.

 Due to State and Nationwide advisories resulting from the continuing spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Washington Board of Selectmen are making the following changes to policies regarding recycling at the town’s Transfer Station. These changes are temporary and for the safety of the employees and residents. These changes will go into effect immediately until further notice.

Cardboard and Paper will not be recycled until further notice.

Given the need to enter an enclosed container to dispose of these items, the Transfer Station will no longer recycle paper or cardboard. Please hold these items at home for now if you can. If you must discard paper and cardboard, please place in the trash compacter.  

The Recycling/Transfer station will continue to be opened at the normal operating hours, but the “mall” will be closed until further notice.

Please remain in your vehicles until you are able to pull up to the compactor to dispose of your trash. All commingles (cans and plastic items) will continue to be recycled as usual. Place your items in the chute and the attendant will push them into the container. Glass will continue to be placed in the small dumpster adjacent to the attendant shed.

Please don’t touch anything except your own bags and don’t linger after disposing of your items. The attendant will make extra room in the container as needed and disinfect the slide into the recycling container as needed.  

The attendant’s shed is restricted to employees only.

As we’ve stated before, the Selectmen’s goal is to protect our community, town officials and employees. Be patient and keep your distance from employees and other residents using the facility. Please know these measures are temporary as we are all hoping to get back to normal as soon as possible!

 Stay Safe!

Please Note: Effective Immediately

The Town of Washington will begin accepting #1 and #2 plastics ONLY for recycling at the transfer Station. These plastics will be placed in the commingle container along with the tin and aluminum cans. Look at the bottom of your plastic container and you will see a number inside of a triangle. Only the number #1 and #2 plastics are recycled at this time. All other plastics must be placed in the trash compactor.

Please be sure to keep the undesirable plastics out of the commingle container as they will contaminate the entire load. Please see the attendant if you have any questions.

Thank you for your recycling efforts!

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Glass recyclable containers must be brought to the transfer station separately from your co-mingled recyclables. They will not be accepted unless separated.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Randy Fitzgerald Manager
Ed Thayer Director