Conservation Commission

Mission Statement

The Washington Conservation Commission's primary goal is to work with our neighbors to provide for the protection and appreciation of the natural resources and environmental assets found in the town of Washington. We are working to guard our ecological systems by promoting responsible forest management, conservation, environmental education, use of renewable energy, and biodiversity. We encourage scenic and historic preservation and know that an enhanced community awareness of the natural treasures of Washington will inevitably lead to greater commitment to their careful stewardship and preservation for future generations.

Our primary areas of focus are:

  • Wetlands Permit Applications
  • Conservation properties
  • Conservation of forested, agricultural and open space land
  • Education and community outreach
  • Working with all town boards to protect our natural resources
  • Compiling the Natural Resource Inventory

You are encouraged to participate in all of our pursuits. We plan periodic outings and educational programs and have finished the Natural Resource Inventory for the town of Washington. Your participation and input are vital to the success of these endeavors. We hope that our website will be valuable as a means of sharing our activities and programs and answering questions you may have.

Commission Members

Name Title
Arin Mills Chairman
Jed Schwartz Vice Chairman
Nan Schwartz Secretary
Johanna Young Member
Carol Andrews Life Member
Don Richard Alternate