A Message from Ryan Curran and the General Store

Good afternoon Washington,
I just wanted to let everyone know after 3 pm today, the Washington General Store will be closing due to COVID-19. We are very sorry about this but to help protect our neighbors and community, this is the best way possible. We will try something new for the next couple days - if you need any groceries here’s how we can help.

1. Call me at my house 6034952123 or Facebook message me with a list of items you need. Please call the night before so I can have it ready in the morning and set up a time with you.

2. I will bag the items you need and have a total of all the items ready and I’ll meet you in the parking lot. Please pay with a check in the exact amount.

3. This will only be from 8am to noon starting Tuesday March 24th. I will not be there unless you call or Facebook message.

4. All restaurant equipment will be off so no take out. I can slice deli meat and package what we have left for hamburger and cheeses.

Hope everyone stays happy and healthy. If you have a neighbor that needs to be checked on, let me know - I’m willing to help in anyway for our great Washington people. 

We appreciate all of our customers for sticking with us and hope to sit down and have a cup of coffee or beer with you again soon. 

- Ryan Curran